A very wonderful and strange thing happened to me today.

After a lovely afternoon, I was on my way home when I received some very happy news.

Now, I had indulged in a wee bit of red wine at lunch and was feeling warm and fuzzy already and this news just put me over the moon. I sat on the bus completely absorbed in my good mood, totally oblivious to anything around me.

Just as I got off, a man stopped me and asked if I was a yoga practitioner at a particular studio (I had my mat with me). I said no and he apologized, saying he thought I was someone else.

Normally, this is where the interaction ends. We would both go on our merry ways. Perhaps he would see that girl another day and mention that he thought he saw her once on Queen, etc. etc. Today, however, was different.

After apologizing for mistaking me he asked if I would mind being given a random act of kindness. To which I said “no, of course I wouldn’t mind.” (Who could?) So he reached into his bag and handed me a multicoloured striped box and said, “Do you know what stilbite is?”

I did not and promised that I would look it up and then he said something that really made the whole experience so surreal. He told me that he didn’t know why but that he felt compelled to give me the stone because I was radiating “such beautiful energy.”

Immediately I thought of my friend and the feelings I had and thought it so amazing that this stranger was intuitive enough to recognize it. And not only that, but my feelings had been so strong that they had moved him to approach me and give me something in return.

I came home and immediately looked up what I was given. Labeled as “stilbite | apophylite,” I discovered that the metaphysical properties of these stones is thought to promote psychic guidance and creativity. Stilbite in particular is alleged to “raises one’s consciousness of universal love.”

How incredible is that? It’s like one of those moments that only exist in fiction, where all of the right pieces fall into place. Two people just happen to be at the same place at the right time and share something so innocent as mistaken identity or the even the same bus but that ends up touching you so deeply.

I am so grateful for this experience and as I sit here typing away about it, I’m struggling to hold on to that purely blissful feeling I had as I walked the rest of the way home in the twilight.