cooked pierogies

Pierogies, boiled and finished in a pan with butter and served with sour cream.

It’s a cloudy, humid day and I am trying my hand at beet pierogies. For the last few weeks, I have been stockpiling the beets we got from our CSA, not quite sure what to do with these beauties. I know that it is almost sacrilegious to mash them up and encase them in delicious egg pasta pouches but when I came across the recipe, I just had to try it. I plan to freeze a few to enjoy on some cold winter evening in January, bringing back a taste of summer.


Beets boiled and peeled

Cooking beets always reminds me of my grandmother. I have a vivid memory of sitting in her kitchen at the old cottage in Stouffville, near Musselman’s Lake, watching her expertly boil and peel a giant pot of beets from my grandfather’s garden. I remember her red-stained hands and her perfectly manicured nails as they massaged the skins off. Sometimes she would take her knife and slice me off a bit to taste. She’d make a pot of tea and I’d sit with my “Nice” cookies from her ceramic cookie jar with the mushrooms on it at the kitchen table and sip and watch. The kitchen filled with the aroma of the boiling beets and all those other grandmother-ly smells.

beet filling

Beets, onions and garlic cooked and chopped

I feel like it’s been forever since I got into the kitchen and created something. Perhaps it’s been the heat, making me want to exert not much more effort than it takes to turn on the bbq and crack open a beer.

This being my first pierogi adventure, this has been doubly fulfilling. And downright tasty. Especially with just a little seasoning and some cool sour cream. Mmm…

beet pierogies

Finished pierogies ready for freezing